Meet Our Team

Debi Fehrman, NP-C


Debi's background is in pediatrics and her favorite patient is grandson Henry!  Being Mimi is just the best!  Her expertise in menopause and pediatrics create the foundation for her growing medical practice. Most of her day is spent serving her two favorite patient groups - grandmas and grandchildren : 

~ Mimi and Menopause

~ Mimi and little people



Office Manager

Keely is  often your initial touch point for our office.  Whether it is on the phone or in person, Keely ensures that your questions find answers  and your needs are prioritized.   The  office vibe she creates reminds us that laughter is a good medicine and kindness is always the best choice.



Medical Assistant    

Ashlee enjoys interacting with patients of all ages!  You’ll find her assisting in your care by taking vital signs and keeping your medical record up to date.      Whether you’re being seen for wellness exams or struggling with chronic issues, you'll get all of Ashlee.  It’s easy to see why our patients love her!